Why do you want to work for us, and not for one of our competitors?


Two interviewers with a candidate in retail interviewThere are many job opportunities in retail. If you apply for a job in one of the big companies, like Target, K-Mart or Walmart, they will always ask you about the reasons of your preference.

It is obvious that job seekers submit their applications to many companies, trying to improve their chances of getting at least some job at the end of the road. However, recruiters should not get the feeling that it is just another job interview for you in their company. You should try to make them feeling special, or at least convince them that you are just being interviewed at your favorite retailer :).

You should focus on the following things in your answer:

  • Your personal preference. Do you shop with them? Does your family do so? Why do you prefer them?
  • Vision and branding of the company. What makes this retailer unique in your eyes? Why should people go there, and not somewhere else? Why would you be proud to work for them, and not for another company?
  • Location. Is the store close to your flat? It is located in an easily accessible area?

Sample answers

man is preparing something for his interviewI typically shop here. I really like the way the staff approaches customers, as well as the working conditions, at least based on my observation. I think the working environment here is better than at other big retailers, and that is the nr. one reason for my preference.

This is the most popular retail chain in the United States. You do your best to offer wide range of products for the poorest groups of people, and it would actually make me proud to be part of this initiative.

I typically shop here on my own. It is just ten minutes walk from my place. Therefor it will be very convenient for me to have this job. On the top of that, if I needed to replace someone, or come to work at unexpected time, it wouldn’t be a problem. Manager could simply call me and I could come to work in twenty minutes.

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