If another co-worker were gossiping about someone else something which is untrue, how would you react?


Offering a nice product in a retail storeGossips aren’t nice, but belong to every single workplace in the world. Retail chains try to minimize it, as it influences the relationships on the workplace negatively. Consequently, it influences the effectiveness and productivity too.

Good employee should not gossip. And if you hear some gossips, it should not affect you in your job. You should not care about it and continue doing your job, doesn’t matter what the co-workers say about each other.

I know you may incline you to protecting the colleague they talk about badly, but I would not suggest to get involved into that too much. After all, it can only create conflicts and further decrease the productivity on the workplace. Therefore, you should simply say you do not gossip yourself and do not care about the gossips of the others.

Sample answers

I never gossip and honestly, I do not care about the gossips of the others. I have my duties and focus on it, not on the gossips of the colleagues. It would be nice if there were no gossips, but that’s not possible.

It’s their opinion. I always try to have a good relationship with all my colleagues. However, I need to focus on my own job and not solve the gossips of the others. I try to be friendly to everyone, but if some people can not get along each other, what can I do about it?


What to say at the end?

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