What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Are you afraid of this interview question? Many job seekers are…It is difficult to speak in bad terms about ourselves, and for some of us, it is even difficult to see some strengths we have.

In an interview, there is a simple formula you have to follow when answering this question. You should pick a weakness that is not important for a job and elaborate on your answer saying how you try to improve on your weaknesses. This would present you as a responsible employee who works on his skills and tries to become better worker every day.

If we talk about strengths, the course of action is similar. But in this case, you should pick a strength that is as much useful for retail worker as possible. To such strengths belong:

  • responsibility
  • attention to detail
  • good communication skills
  • being patient
  • good observation skills

Woman in white shirt got a job in an interviewCorrespondence in an interview

If you tell the interviewers that you have good communication skills but struggle to talk with them in an interview, it would just not be good. The same applies if you tell you are patient, but struggle to wait for your interview time and are nervous if they let you to wait more than ten minutes… They are not stupid, they observe also your behavior, not only what you say. Therefor, you should try to pick a strength that you either really have, or at least, it can not be seen in an interview that you do not have it.

One more tip to the weaknesses: Some weaknesses can be actually considered as strengths by the employers. In this case, is is being over-friendly to with customers for example. You can pick such a weakness for your answer.


Sample answers

I have a tendency to be over friendly with customers, what sometimes takes my attention in work, and it is not good. However, I try to improve on my weakness and work on my focus in the job, always remind myself what my duties are and what I am supposed to do. From the strengths, I would say my communication skills are very good and so I am able to deal with different kinds of customers with ease, even with angry one.

I am very responsible and always come on time. I have been working in retail sector for the past six years and I did not miss a single shift and never was late. I believe it is a key in retail, as we need to be in job to serve the customers and even if one cashier is missing, it creates problems for other colleagues in job and all in all, it is just not good. From my weaknesses, I can not really work with computers. However, I attend evening courses and try to improve my computer skills.

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