What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Are you afraid of this particular question? Many job seekers are afraid of it…. It is difficult to speak about our own weaknesses, and for some of us, it is even difficult to see, and to talk about, the strengths we have. It’s time to overcome this problem. Don’t be afraid to see the good things within you!

There is a simple formula you can follow when answering this particular question. You should pick a weakness that is not important for a job, and elaborate on your answer, clarifying how you try to improve on your weakness. Such an answer will present you as a responsible employee who tries to become a better person each day.

If we talk about strengths, you should pick a strength that is useful for retail. For example:

  • responsibility
  • attention to detail
  • good communication skills
  • patience
  • good observation skills

Woman in white shirt got a job in an interviewCorrespondence in an interview

If you told the interviewers that you had good communication skills, but struggled to talk with them, it would not end up well :). The same applies if you told them that you are patient, but struggled to wait for your time, and were nervous…. The interviewers are not stupid (at least most of them), and they watch also your behavior and gestures. They do not blindly listen to your words, they look at the entire picture. Therefor, you should pick a strength that you either really have, or can pretend to have during the interview. The choice is yours….


Sample answers

I have a tendency to be over friendly with customers. It sometimes takes my attention away, which isn’t good. However, I try to improve on my weakness and stay more focused in work. I always remind myself the duties I have to handle, and what I am supposed to do. From the strengths, my communication skills stand out. I am able to deal with all kinds of customers with ease, even with people who are angry.

I am very responsible. I have been working in retail store for the past six years, and I did not miss a single shift. From my weaknesses, I would say I can not work well with computers. However, I attend evening classes and try to improve on my computer skills.


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