How would you deal with an angry customer?


Various people shop daily in every store. Some are in good mood, while some are angry, irate or even furious. Some customers will shout on you for no reason. That is the daily bread of retail workers, the negative aspect of the job…

retail interview- panel of interviewersInquiring about this, interviewers try to understand your attitude. It is in accordance with the internal policy? Do you understand the golden rule that the customer is always right, even if he is wrong? These are their intentions.

In the beginning of your answer, you should stress that you do your very best to avoid any arguments with customers, trying to go above and beyond for the shoppers all the time. After that you should elaborate on your answer with ideas of making angry customers happy with your service. That is what the interviewers want to hear from you. Let’s have a look at some good answers.

Sample answers

I try my very best to satisfy each customer. I always listen carefully, smile and try to be as friendly as possible to each person in a store. However, some customers will be angry anyway and I understand it. If it happened, I would apologize, because we should make every customer feeling he is right. If my apology didn’t help, I would most likely apologize once again and ask more experienced colleague to take care of that customer.

I would try to identify the problem. I would ask him what exactly made him unhappy about my service, and try to help him then. However, if I was unable to solve a problem or calm him down, I would most likely try to simply proceed with his checkout as soon as possible, so he would not disturb other customers. After all, one has to count with angry customers, they belong to every shop. It does not distract me or affects me negatively in job. It simply belongs to retail.

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