Where do you see yourself in five years time?


Retail interview- female interviewer and female candidateEverything can happen in five years. You can be dead, you can be presiding board of directors at international company, you can be living in a different country and have a completely different life.

However, a responsible employee always has some goals and visions. You should show it in an interview. There are not many opportunities for career growth in retail. Therefore, you should say that you would be happy to have the same position in five years time, and that you focus mostly on achieving personal or family goals.

Of course, the situation may differ. If you apply for a position of assistant manager, or for a job in big company where internal promotions are typical, you can say that you would love to have a better position in the same company in five years time. But anyway, you should connect your future with the same employer and have some goals on your mind. Let’s have a look at some answers.

Good sample answers

I would be very happy to have the same role in five years time. I do not aim high, it is not really my goal. However, I would be happy to find a good partner and possibly start a family in five years time. That would be nice.

I see myself working for a good retailer in five years time, doing a good job every day and enjoying my time. If I feel as a member of a team, if I feel that my work is actually helping someone, I will be happy.

I would love to become a store manager in four, or in five years time. I know that I need to learn a lot of things before applying for this job. However, I believe that if you hire me and give me a chance as a floor manager, I can learn and progress every day, to be able to become a store manager on day, ideally in your company.

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