How to Ace Your Job Interview in Retail?

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Illustration of a sale in a storeRetail is one of the major fields of employment in the United States. However, it does not imply that it is easy to get a job in a retail store… When we look at the current unemployment rate and take into consideration other economic problems we face, there is no wonder that in average, more than twenty people applied for every single job opening in retail (statistics from October, 2012). The math is simple… Twenty applicants, one job! We will try to teach you how to be the one of twenty. Welcome to!

What happens in this interview?

Giant companies, such as Kmart or Target, have their own, specific selection procedures. For example at Target, every job candidate has to pass the personality test. This is not a typical practice elsewhere. Interviews at big stores typically consist of more selection rounds and one can be interviewed over the phone, in a group, or even online. However, right principles and attitudes can be successfully applied in every single retail interview, doesn’t matter if the store is big or small, if you apply in the US or overseas. Let’s have a look at it right now.


Questions they typically use

A great read

Impression matters a lot

As you can see, they will ask you mostly personal and behavioral questions. You need to demonstrate your communication skills, listening skills and most importantly, your motivation to do the job, while answering these questions.

For many job seekers, retail is just the last choice, or even the only option. Maybe it is also your case. But even if it is so, recruiters should not spot it, they should not feel it from your answers. Try to look motivated, smile, speak with enthusiasm and pay attention during the interview process. Show some respect to your interviewers and be humble. Doing it, you present yourself as someone with good personality for retail and someone who really wants the job, not only needs one at the moment.


Taking it lightly

Cashier doing her daily jobMany people take their job interview preparation lightly. They believe that retail interviews are easy and then find themselves surprised to see someone else getting a job. Actually, to succeed in this interview is even more difficult than to succeed in an interview for a specialized IT position (an example). Why it is so? In a retail interview, there won’t be two, but twenty applicants competing with you. All of you have similar background and experience… Who should get hired? It is not an easy question for the interviewers…

Who will get a job at the end?

In most of the cases, people who know the answers to all tough interview questions, and especially job seekers who know how to sell their skills and strengths in an interview, will get a job. If you want to learn how to do it, check out this excellent e-book, that will show you much more than 177 brilliant interview answers (as if that was not enough :)). It’s your chance to outclass the other applicants and get a job. But will you take it? Check the book here.

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