This job is very repetitive. What would motivate you to do it well every day?


Motivated retail workerJobs in retail can be boring, especially if you do the same thing eight hours a day, week after week. That is one of the major reasons for high job-hopping rates in this sector. Not many people can handle this job for a long time. If they had it, they would go crazy.

On the other hand, recruitment is a costly procedure. Each employee needs to be interviewed, tested, trained, and so on. Therefor, interviewers try to see if you have some inner motivation to do the job for longer time, even if it is routine.

You should focus on your preferences to routine jobs in your answer. Not everyone likes challenging jobs, some of us love routine, and you should represent such a candidate in your answer. You can alternatively say that you do not consider this job routine. But if you do so, you should backup your opinions with further explanation.

Sample answers

I do not like creative jobs. Routine is what I am looking for. I like to know my job, to know what to do every day. I do not like many surprises in work. I can learn to do my duties very well and enjoy doing my job. The fact that the job is repetitive isn’t any problem

Good collective is important for me. After all, nearly every job is repetitive to certain point. But if we build good relationships with colleagues, I will feel good and will not want to change my employment. To be a part of a hard-working team motivates me a lot in job.

From my point of view, this job is not routine. You know, there are new customers every day. There are new situations, new faces, new problems and challenges you face. It actually depends on the point of view. For me, it is not routine at all. I want to have this job, I like to do it and I am motivated to do it well.


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