Why should we hire you and not one of the other applicants?


Nice store buildingThere are many applicants for every single job opening in retail. Interviewers do not have an easy task… Most candidates have similar resume and background. Well, you can make a difference by following advice from this website and giving the right answers to their questions. But at least few other candidates will do the same!

Therefor, it is a challenge for the interviewers to choose just one or two best candidates in an interview. So, they ask you to sell yourself. You are supposed to say why you are the right one for the job… Many job seekers use one of the following answers:

  • Because I am the best candidate for the job. (How can you know it? Did you meet all the other candidates in person? How can you tell then that you are the best one?)
  • Because I need this job so desperately. I have four kids to feed. (Many of us are in difficult life conditions. However, interviewers are not interested in your personal problems… They are not going to give you a job just because you desperately need one.)
  • I do not know why you should hire me. (If you do not know it, how can they find it out? You should have some confidence in an interview and be able to state a reason why it is a good idea to choose you and not another applicant. Please, keep it on your mind)

Right answer

As you can see, there are many bad answers to this question. But what is the right one?

You should identify an added value you can bring to the company. Try to find something that makes you unique, that makes you to stand out from the crowd of other applicants. I know it is not easy. But if you think about it long enough, or ask some of your good friends, they should be able to tell you what makes you unique and simply marvelous :). In an ideal case, it should be something useful for the employer. I add few simple answers for your inspiration.

Retail interview- female candidate is answering a questionPeople say it is a pleasure to spend time with me. I make other people feeling good on the workplace and with my strong motivation to work hard, I believe to be good role model for other employees too. Not many people have this attitude in work, speaking from my personal experience. Therefore I believe it can be very useful to have me in your team.

Honestly, I did not meet the other applicants, so I do not know their qualities. But what speaks for me is definitely ten years of experience in this field. I know how to deal with all kinds of customers and situations. I know how to keep the atmosphere on the workplace peaceful and challenging at the same time.

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