Would you mind working overtime? Would you mind working at night?


Working at night and working overtime belongs to retail. One needs to expect to work unexpectedly, if someone else packs of.

However, this question shows you a simple job interview trick: Sometimes, the answers are directly in the questions. Logically, if there was no need to work overtime, or to work different shifts, interviewers would not ask this question. It is similar with many other questions, such as:

  • Can you work on Sundays?
  • Are you able to start from the next week?
  • Would you mind working more than ten hours a day?
  • Would you mind being transferred to different job location in few months time?

Clever job applicants understand this logic and use it for their advantage in an interview. You should do the same… However, to say simple “YES (I can work at night)” is not a best answer. Employer may easily get the feeling that you said it just because you knew what he wanted to hear from you. Therefor, you should elaborate on your answer, for example with a practical experience. Let’s have a look at it:


Sample answers

man is on the shift in the storeI have been working night shifts for the past six months. I am used to do it and I would not mind doing it if needed. In fact, I do not prefer night shifts, but I understand it is a part of a job and I am ready to take it anytime.

I would not mind working overtime. Actually, in my last job, we had very unsteady working hours. When the day was busy, I needed to stock things until 10pm, even though my shift should have finished at 6pm. However, I do not have children or family, so there is no reason why I would mind staying longer in job sometimes.

Night shifts are good. Actually, I prefer to work night shifts, as one can earn more money and the shift is typically little less busy. Each shift has some positives. According to the medical check I took just month ago, I can work both day and night, without any limitations.

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