If another co-worker were gossiping about someone else something which was untrue, how would you react?


Offering a nice product in a retail storeGossips belong to every workplace, but retail chains try to minimize the frequency them. They understand that gossiping leads to bad relationships on the workplace, which subsequently results in higher job hopping, and lesser productivity of the employees.

Tell them that you do not gossip, and that you do not care about the gossips. You should continue doing your job, doesn’t matter what the co-workers are saying about each other, or even about you. Gossips should not influence you negatively in job. Let’s have a look at some good answers.

Sample answers

I never gossip and I do not care about the things the other people say. I have my duties and focus on my work, not on the chitchat in the hall. It would be nice if gossips didn’t exist, but that’s not possible. In my opinion, the best thing we can do is ignoring them.

It’s their opinion. I always try to have good relationships with my colleagues. However, I need to focus on my job, and not on solving the problems of other people. I try to be friendly to everyone, but if some people can not get along each other, I can hardly do anything about that. Therefor I prefer to not get involved into the gossips.


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