How would you deal with an angry customer?


One meets with all kinds of people in the retail store. Some are in a good mood, while some others are angry, irate, or even furious. Some customers will shout on you for no apparent reason. That is the daily bread of a retail worker, one of the negative aspects of this job.

retail interview- panel of interviewersInquiring about your reaction, interviewers try to understand your attitude. It is in accordance with the internal policy of the company? Do you understand the golden rule that the customer is always right even if they are wrong?

When answering the question, you should emphasize that you try to avoid any arguments with customers, going above and beyond with your service. Then you should elaborate on it, saying what you would do with an angry customer. My sample answers should help you to compose your own interview answer.

Sample answers

I try my best to avoid that. I always listen carefully to their needs, and try to satisfy them with my service. However, some customers will be angry, doesn’t matter what we do. If that happened to me, I would apologize to the customer, and if my apology did not help, I would seek an assistance of a more experienced colleague.

I would try to identify the problem. I would ask them what exactly made them unhappy in regards to my service, and I would try to help them. However, if I was unable to solve them problem, I would most likely try to simply proceed with their checkout, so they would not disturb other customers. One has to count to meet some angry customers, it is just a part of the job. It would neither distract nor upset me.

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