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Matej Valuch

The content of RetailInterviewQuestions.com was written by Matej Valuch, writer, entrepreneur, and a recruitment consultant from Slovakia (Matej uses English pen name Matthew Chulaw).

Matej ran a successful recruitment consultancy called New Generation Recruitment from April 2008 to August 2012, and would probably still work in the field, if security police didn’t arrest him in Iran on 23rd August 2012, during one of his business trips to the country.

Iranian authorities accused him of spying for the CIA. He spent six months in notorious Evin Prison, facing harsh conditions of solitary confinement, and a possibility of a death sentence.

Iranians eventually released Matej from prison in February 2013, but he couldn’t return to his former recruitment activities anymore. During the next twelve months, Matej started more than a dozen of websites (some on his own, some in cooperation with other recruiters and interview coaches), trying to share his knowledge and recruitment expertise with both employers and job seekers. He still occasionally works as a recruitment consultant and job interview coach, but focuses mostly on creating both free and paid content for job seekers and employers, together with his friends from the recruitment niche.

RetailInterviewQuestions.com, established in July 2013 has been enjoying a steady flow of organic traffic since February 2014.



More than 140,000 people visited this website since July 2013. Job seekers came from more than 190 countries, and the website was linked to many times, receiving traffic from 200 various traffic sources (search engines, social networks, blogs, yahoo answers, etc.) over the years. You can see some screenshots from Google Analytics below:

Visitors of Retail Interview Questions since July 2013, until August 2017.

Job seekers from more than 190 countries have visited the website over the years.


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