How to Ace Your Job Interview in Retail?


Illustration of a sale in a storeMany people work in retail. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy to get a job in a retail store. According to statistics, more than ten people applied for every single job opening in retail (statistics from October, 2016). The math is simple–ten applicants, one job. We will try to show you how to be the one of ten who gets the job. Welcome to our website that specializes only in retail interviews.


What happens in the interview?

Giant companies, such as Kmart or Target, have their own interview processes. For example at Target, every job candidate has to pass the personality test. Interview process at a big retailer typically consists of more interview rounds, phone or online interview, first in-store interview, and the final interview. Nonetheless, the same attitudes and answers will help you to get a job in any retail store, doesn’t matter if big or small, if you apply in the US, or in Europe. Let’s have a look at the answers right now.

Questions for the retail interview


Impression matters

You will have to demonstrate your communication skills, listening skills and most importantly, your motivation to do the job, while answering the questions from the list.

For many job seekers, retail is just the last choice, or even the only option they have at the moment. But even if it is so, recruiters should not feel it. You should try and look motivated, you should smile, speak with enthusiasm, and pay attention to their words. Show some respect to your interviewers, stay humble. Show them that you really want the job, and do not just apply becasue you need a job.


Taking it lightly

Cashier doing her daily jobMany people take their interview preparation lightly. They believe that retail interviews are easy. Well, they often end up empty handed, seeing someone else signing a job contract. Actually, to succeed in this interview is even more difficult than to succeed in an interview for a position of an IT specialist. Why? Simply becasue in a typical retail interview, there won’t be two, but ten applicants competing with you.


Who will get a job at the end?

In most cases, people who give the best answers to tough interview questions, and especially job seekers who know how to sell their skills and strengths in an interview, will get the job. We hope that our website will help you to prepare for your interview, and to get rid of stress. Proceed to one of the first two questions right now:

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